M.S.Ed. Curriculum and Instruction

Admissions requirements:

  • A baccalaureate degree from an accredited institution of higher education.
  • Submission of a copy of a current teaching certificate for those holding an Initial New York certification and seek to pursue a Professional certification
  • A minimum overall GPA of 2.75 (A=4.0) in most recent 60 credits of undergraduate study.
  • A letter of intent expressing professional and educational goals as applied to the program.
  • Submission of three letters of recommendation, using the required recommendation form.
  • Resume or curriculum vitae.

The Master of Science in Education in Curriculum and Instruction has been designed to meet the needs of (A) candidates who hold Initial New York certification and who seek to complete the academic requirements for Professional certification in one of the following areas: Business/Marketing; Childhood Education (1-6); Dance; Early Childhood Education (B-2); English 7-12; French 7-1; Health Education; Mathematics 7-12; Music; Social Studies 7-12; Spanish 7-12; Theatre; or Visual Arts, (B) International students who wish to develop their English-language skills and learn about teaching in United States schools, but who are not eligible to receive Professional certification in New York, or (C) International students and non-certification seeking professional seeking a master’s in education but who are not eligible to receive Professional certification in New York State. Program start date: Summer, Fall, Spring; Program also available at Watertown JCC campus.

Contact Information

Admissions / General Information
Center for Graduate Studies
Coordinator of Graduate Recruitment
Satterlee 238
(315) 267-2165

Program-Related Information
Kathleen Valentine
Program Coordinator
Satterlee 304
(315) 267-3314

Required Program Courses

Options A and C: Minimum of 33 credit hours:

*GRED 616, Curriculum and Evaluation, 3 credits
GRED 634, Philosophical Foundations of Curr and Inst, 3 credits
*GRED 635, Ed Research in Curr and Inst, 3 credits
GRED 687, Action Research, 3 credits

Content, or content-linking courses: 6 credit hours
Graduate Education Electives: 15 credit hours
*indicates content linking course

Option B: Minimum of 34 credit hours:
GRED 558, Literacy I: Methods-Childhood, 3 credits
GRED 559, Literacy II: Method-Childhood, 3 credits
GRED 576, Praciticum I (Immersion in Eng lang usage), 2 credits
GRED 586, Practicum II (Formal Obs and Participation), 2 credits
GRED 634, Philosophical Foundations of Curr and Inst, 3 credits
GRED 660, Educational Research, 3 credits
GRED 665, Language and Culture, 3 credits
GRED 699, Thesis Research, 3 credits

Graduate Education Electives: 12 credit hours

Individuals not having initial certification in approved professional certification areas can still enter the program, with additional requirements in order to be eligibile for professional certification. They will also need to apply for certification directly to the state.

Automatic admission options exist for this program.

Program Tracks

Students presently holding Initial Certification in Business/Marketing, Early Childhood/Childhood (B-6), Dance, English 7-12, French 7-12, Health, Mathematics 7-12, Music, Social Studies 7-12, Spanish 7-12, Theatre, or Visual Arts may use this as functionally relevant to be eligible for Professional Certification. Other domestic or international students may use this program to obtain an MS Ed degree without being eligible for certification.