B.A. in Adolescence Education: French

Grade 7-12 with 5-6 extension

Contact Person:
Donald Straight, Department Chair
216A Satterlee, (315) 267-2553, straigdc@potsdam.edu

59-60 credit hours required.
All education courses must be completed with a 2.0 or higher with a  2.75 GPA in the education major.
The Adolescence French Education Program requires completion of a French major. The French major must be completed with a 2.5 GPA. Contact the chair of the Department of Modern Languages to declare the major, be assigned a French major adviser and select appropriate courses.
All courses are 3 credits unless noted. Credits are divided as follows:

Education Major   22
SECD 210 Computer Applications in Middle and Secondary Education (1 credit)
SECD 340

Classroom Management in Secondary Education (1 credit)
SECD 356 Reading in the Middle and Secondary School  
EDLS 315 Teaching Students with Special Needs: Grades 5-12  
EDLS 333 Education, Language and Culture  
EDLS 349 Introduction to Middle and Secondary School Education

Courses which must be taken concurrently:
SECD 374
Introduction to First and Second Language Acquisition: Grades 5-12
SECD 394
Observation in the Foreign Language Classroom: Grades 5-12 (1 credit)

Courses which must be taken concurrently:
SECD 474
Foreign Language Instruction, Curriculum, and Assessment: Grades 5-12
SECD 494
Practicum in the Foreign Language Classroom, Grades 5-12 (1 credit)

Student Teaching Semester
Courses which must be taken concurrently:
EDLS 421

Seminar in Middle/Junior and Secondary School Education (2 credits)
SECD 455
Student Teaching in the Middle/Junior High School (6 credits)
SECD 456
Student Teaching in the Senior High School (6 credits)  

Cognate Requirements
All cognate courses must be completed with a 2.0 or higher.   

FREN 303 Contemporary France  
FREN 304 Contemporary Québec  
HLTH 230 School Health (CA, SAVE, 2 credits)  
PSYC 321 Psychology of Adolescence  
PSYC 350 Educational Psychology  
One of the following:    
  COMM 106   Basic Principles of Speech  
  COMM 311   Small Group Communication  
  COMM 324   Persuasive Speaking  
Plus one of the following (3-4 credits):  
ARTH (any course)  
Music course regarding a Francophonic region of the world (with advisement)

Certification Requirements
  1. New York State Teacher Certification Exams required for Initial Certification: LAST, ATS-W and CST French (Certification exams are subject to change)
  2. Fingerprinting Clearance