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Advanced Certificate: Inclusive and Special Education

The Advanced Certificate in Inclusive and Special Education is designed to provide a sequenced program of study that complements the knowledge, competencies, and dispositions of certified and experienced teachers in effectively addressing the needs of students with mild to moderate disabilities in primarily inclusive settings.

This certificate will provide the classroom teacher with more knowledge and clinical experience with which to create an inclusive classroom that incorporates the essential principles of Universal Design for Learning.Completing the Advanced Certificate will provide currently practicing teachers with a deeper understanding of the range and characteristics of learning disabilities and tools with which to differentiate learning in the classroom.

Additionally, upon completing the program, students may be able to apply for an additional classroom-teaching certificate in Students with Disabilities at the grade level consistent with their initial classroom-teaching certificate.Note that obtaining certification takes place after the completion of this program, and is something the student must complete individually.SUNY Potsdam does not recommend for certification as typical with other graduate degree programs.

Program Schedule (summer only start):


SPED 601: Characteristics of Learners with Mild/Moderate Disabilities
SPED 650: Collaborative Consultation with Professionals and Parents


GRED 516: Diversity and Advocacy of Education (online)
SPED 637: Diagnosis and Assessment of Educational Disabilities


SPED 640: Behavior Management for the Special Educator
SPED 646: Strategies for Teaching Elementary Students with Learning/Behavioral Disabilities


SPED 647: Strategies for Teaching Secondary Students with Learning/Behavioral Disabilities

Note: Course selection will be based upon the student's area of initial certification

Program Total: 18 credit hours


Admissions FAQs


Minimum Credits


Approximate minimum time to complete (assumes full time attendance)


Deadline to submit application materials


Start date: Summer