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MEPI Grant Project

Tunisia and the United States:
An International Business Education Partnership

SUNY Potsdam formed a partnership in 2003 with the Institut Suprieur de Gestion in Tunis (ISG) (the Higher Institute of Management, considered the elite business university of the Tunisian system). The project was funded by a Middle East Partnership Initiative grant from the U.S. Department of State. In the first year of the project, 2003-2004, SUNY Potsdam hosted eight visiting scholars from our partner institution for a stimulating year of collaboration, research, exploration of teaching methodologies, cultural exchange, and teaching.

The objective of the partnership is to:

  • utilize curricular, pedagogical and technological innovations in the teaching of business at both Potsdam and in Tunisia
  • stimulate educational and cultural interaction with Tunisian and Arabic and French-speaking cultures
  • contribute to an improved mutual understanding between Arabs and Americans.

The grant-funded project ran through spring of 2006.


Collaboration will continue through exchange agreements, the partnership website, and electronic networks for exchange of ideas, innovations, challenges, teaching materials and future plans.

During the January 2011 "Jasmine Revolution," partnership faculty kept SUNY Potsdam informed through Facebook and e-mail, just as they look forward to discussing the road to democracy with their students in the spring 2011 semester.