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Partnership Achievements

As a result of the grant funded MEPI project, there have been many achievements between SUNY Potsdam and ISGT.

  1. Faculty Development
    All ISG team members conducted research, wrote articles, and attended conferences. Many delivered papers and had papers received for publication. All had opportunities to observe and use instructional technology and interactive teaching methods and to teach or team-teach. As a result, they determined to blend our more interactive teaching methods with their strong theoretical approach.
  2. Curriculum
    Potsdam and ISGT faculty collaborated to develop curriculum for both campuses: in business, economics, English for business for ISG, and in Arabic and French curriculum at SUNY Potsdam. The Arabic studies program at SUNY Potsdam was designed to include a Tunisia theme at all levels of instruction, including a Winterim study tour to Tunisia and semester exchange options. Drs. Florence Shu and Mohamed Lachaab worked on a textbook for Dr. Lachaab to use in teaching statistics at the ISG.
  3. Language Skills
    We know that language skills are important for crossing cultures and for professional purposes. The ISG faculty are often tri-lingual, teaching in French at ISG, while operating in Arabic and French outside of class, and using English and French for publications. After an initial training program in Tunis with Amideast, all ISGT faculty significantly improved their skills in English during their time in Potsdam, and many have been able to introduce English-language courses into the business curriculum at the ISG.
  4. Web
    A Partnership website was created, and materials posted there about the participants and project activities. Two Potsdam students have done student teaching in Tunisia based on contact with our website. One of them, Aime Seaman returned to the American Cooperative School in Tunis after graduation and is teaching French there in 2011.
  5. Case Study
    An international student business case study competition was planned by Dr. Edwin Portugal to involve teams of students from SUNY Potsdam, ISG, and Kherson State, Ukraine, who receive the case and send in their reports by e-mail.
  6. Partnership Agreement
    A Partnership agreement between SUNY Potsdam and the Institut Suprieur de Gestion was signed in May, 2004.
  7. Symposium
    A Culminating Symposium presenting scholars? research and culminating projects took place in May, 2006 in Tunis. Conference Proceedings were published and distributed in Tunisia.
  8. Exchange Professor
    SUNY Potsdam received on exchange professor from the ISG, Maha Achour in the fall semester, 2007, to teach a graduate course in the Leadership and Technology masters program.
  9. Visits
    The ISG has hosted visits for SUNY students participating in the Winterim courses to Tunisia in 2007, 2008, and 2009, providing opportunities for students from both institutions to discuss issues of culture and economics and to make friends in informal exchange. The former director of the ISG, Dr. Abdelwahed Trabelsi, provided a homestay for two students during the 2007 Winterim, one from SUNY Potsdam and one from St. Lawrence University.