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Wall of Fame

Since the inception of our Law Enforcement Training Institute in the spring of 2017, the following cadets have been hired.

Corwin Christman

Rome City PD, New York

David Delshad

Gwinnett County PD, Georgia

Michael Guerrero

Carlos Santiago Law Firm, New York

Jaime Hoskins

Gwinnett County PD, Georgia

Leatina Hutchings

Dallas City PD, Texas

Sara Livecchi

Raleigh City PD, North Carolina

Jonathan Mitchell

Norfolk PD, New York

Anthony Montgomery

Norwood Village PD, New York

Diorge Rodriguez

Providence City Hospital Security, Rhode Island

Joshua Rosen

Gwinnett County PD, Georgia

Kelly Schmidt

Burlington City PD, Vermont

Heidi Schwarzmueller

U.S. Customs & Border Protection

William Vlad

U.S. Military, Special Operations Forces


Angela Yodis

Schenectady PD, New York