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Information for Faculty

The AAC&U (Association of American Colleges and Universities) identified Undergraduate Research as one of ten, High-Impact Educational Practices; practices widely tested and shown to be beneficial for college students in all academic fields. Through the AAC&U's LEAP (Liberal Education and America's Promise) initiative launched in 2005, the goals for college learning are more closely aligned with the needs of the new global century. LEAP identified research as one of three strands of primary and concurrent work designed to provide evidence on the essential learning outcomes of a liberal education in helping students meet 21st century educational standards.

Ways Faculty Can Become Involved in Undergraduate Research on Campus

Collaborate with the Center for Student Research!

  1. Become a mentor
    • Tutorials/Independent Studies
    • Internships (credit or not), such as
    • CSTEP offers competitive summer funding to students doing summer research internships with a faculty mentor
    • Research Assistants
      To help with data collection and data entry
    • Lead an interdisciplinary research teams of students
    • Review these mentoring resources from the University at Buffalo
  1. Curriculum development, such as
    • New Honors Programs with a research requirement
    • Team research projects in a culminating class
    • Independent reviews of literature leading to conclusions about gaps in the field in
    • Testing/analyzing/reviewing theoretical models
  2. Write a grant
    • Include students as RA's
    • Include in the budget $$ for a course release (pending Chair/Dean approval)
  3. Serve on the Center for Student Research Advisory Board. Contact Annie Butterfield, if you would like to be considered or have any questions.
  4. Attend any or all of the sessions and workshops offered by The Center for Student Research.


"Undergraduate research, scholarship, and creative activity provide the most natural, and perhaps best, opportunities for ... faculty to deeply engage students."

-Jeffrey Osborn, 2009
Council on Undergraduate Research President