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CAL Scholarships

General Scholarship Application for Undergraduate & Graduate Students

Application Instructions for CAL Funding

This application is for consideration for funding offered through the CAL for qualifying credit-bearing Applied Learning experiences.

  • CAL funding is available to matriculated SUNY Potsdam students only; non-SUNY Potsdam students are not eligible.
  • The CAL Scholarship/Award Committee will generally recommend only one (1) scholarship or award per student.
  • Scholarship amounts will vary by award and will be accurately determined at a later date.
  • Funds will be distributed for the upcoming term or if graduating, funds will be disbursed during the current academic semester and a refund issued if your current semester bill is paid in full.

Only COMPLETE application packages will be considered.  It is the student’s responsibility to ensure that all necessary materials are included with the application.  Applications that are incomplete or submitted after the deadline will not be considered.

Application Deadlines:

  • Summer and Fall experiences:  April 15
  • Summer Internship: June 15
  • Winterim and Spring experiences:  November 1

Application Checklist:

  • Application completed and submitted using SurveyMonkey including selecting from the Applied Learning Scholarships and Awards List for the appropriate scholarships/awards you qualify for and wish to be considered as a recipient
  • Statement of Purpose - typed, 500+ word essay that includes the following:
    • Your full name, applied learning activity including time frame (e.g. Study Abroad, Spring 2018; Internship, Summer 2018; Student Research, Fall 2019) located in the header
    • How do you anticipate the applied learning experience will impact you a) as a person, b) your academic goals, and c) your long-term goals?
    • Why did you select the program listed on your application and how are you preparing for your experience?
    • How will you apply your special talents and experiences to your applied learning experience?
    • Briefly discuss how you will promote your applied learning experience upon your return to the Potsdam community
  • One recommendation by a faculty member who knows your academic potential.The faculty member can either complete the CAL Confidential Reference Form (PDF) and/or submit a recommendation letter which should address the following:
    • Motivation and seriousness of purpose
    • Academic ability
    • Emotional maturity and adaptability
    • Please note, recommendations by athletic coaches, RAs, current or former employers, etc. will not be suitable for the purpose of this scholarship application.
  • A current FAFSA on file at the Financial Aid Office or, if not eligible to file a FAFSA, alternative documentation may be considered

Please submit all supporting materials to:

Center for Applied Learning
Crumb Library 107 - please submit pdf files only; no jpeg files i.e. do not submit photos taken with a smartphone

Applicants will be responsible for insuring that all appropriate documentation is submitted prior to the application deadline.

Applications that are incomplete or submitted after the deadline will not be considered.