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General Education Requirements Fall 2000 - Fall 2006

SUNY Potsdam's General Education Program Outline: For students who matriculated between the Fall of 2000 and spring of 2006.

  1. First-Year Experience Courses

  2. This program applies only to students matriculated between Fall 2000 and Spring 2006. Students who matriculate Fall 2006 onwards should follow the General Education Foundations [GEF].

    1. The Communication Experience: (2 courses; minimum of 7 credits)

      1. [FW] Writing and Critical Thinking - Minimum of 4 credits
      2. [FS] Speaking, Reasoning, and Research* - Minimum of 4 credits

      *Bachelor of Music students do not have this requirement.

    2. The Quantitative Reasoning Experience [FM] (1 course; minimum of 3 credits)

      1. Problem Solving and Abstract Reasoning
      2. OR
      3. Statistical Analysis and Reasoning
  3. Modes of Inquiry

    1. Aesthetic Understanding (2 courses; minimum of 6 credits from two different departments)

      1. [AC] Aesthetic-Critical and Discriminative (minimum of 3 credits)
      2. [AE] Aesthetic-Experiential (minimum of 3 credits) Note: many AE courses are one or two credits and more than one course will need to be taken.
    2. Scientific Inquiry (2 courses- one from each area; minimum of 6 credits total)

      1. [SB]Scientific Inquiry- Biological Sciences (minimum of 3 credits)
      2. [SP] Scientific Inquiry- Physical Sciences (minimum of 3 credits)

      Note: At least one of the courses must include [LB] laboratory experiences.

      *Bachelor of Music students need only take one of the above.

    3. [SA] Social Analysis (minimum of 3 credits)

    4. [PI] Philosophical Inquiry (minimum of 3 credits)

    5. [AH] American History (minimum of 3 credits)

    6. World Civilizations (2 courses; minimum of 6 credits)

      1. [WC] Western Civilization (minimum of 3 credits)
      2. [XC] Cross-Cultural Perspective (minimum of 3 credits)
  4. Writing and Speaking Intensive

    1. [WI] Writing Intensive (minimum of 3 credits, FW prerequisite)
    2. [SI] Speaking Intensive (minimum of 3 credits, FS prerequisite)
  5. Modern Languages

    1. [ML] Modern Languages (0-9 credits)
    2. Sequence of courses leading to the completion of a Modern Language at the 103 level or higher OR the high school equivalent.

  6. Physical Education

    1. [PE] Physical Education (4 courses)
    2. Up to two of the same PE designated courses will fulfill the requirement. No more than two varsity sport courses will fulfill the PE requirement.