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First Year Experience

The First-Year Experience consists of three courses which strengthen communication and quantitative reasoning skills and abilities, which you will need and build upon in succeeding years.

It is the first part of the General Education Program and you must complete the following three required courses in the first year at Potsdam. The First Year Experience program applies only to students matriculated between Fall 2000 and Spring 2006. Students who matriculate Fall 2006 onwards should follow the General Education Foundations (GEF).

The Communication Experience:

2 courses; minimum of 7 credits

  1. Writing and Critical Thinking [FW] - Minimum of 4 credits

    Expands and develops skills in writing, critical thinking, and the use of information resources and addresses how language permits communication, shapes thought, and changes through time.
  2. Speaking, Reasoning, and Research [FS]* - Minimum of 3 credits

    Expands and develops skills in speaking, critical thinking, writing, and the use of information resources. The subject matter through which these skills are developed depends upon the course that is selected.?
    *Bachelor of Music students do not have this requirement.

The Quantitative Reasoning Experience [FM]

1 course; minimum of 3 credits

Problem Solving and Abstract Reasoning
Introduces concepts and strengthens abilities in problem solving and abstract reasoning


Statistical Analysis and Reasoning
Introduces quantitative methods and strengthens skills needed to respond to challenges in an empirically-oriented, complex world.