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Academic Audits & Keeping track of your progress

Record Keeping: A Personal Responsibility

What should I be keeping track of?

  • Progress of fulfilling General Education Requirements; update progress sheet every semester before you meet your adviser.
  • Progress of fulfilling graduation requirements-you and your adviser should keep track before each semester.
  • Progress of fulfilling the major or minor requirements you have chosen. Contact your adviser or the Dept. Chair for Department progress sheets.

General Education Audit Worksheets:

Use these worksheet to keep track of your progress.

B.A., B.F.A. & B.S. General Education Audit Worksheet

B.A. Music Audit Sheet

B.M. Music Business Audit Sheet

B.M. Music Education Audit Sheet

B.M. Music Education Performance Double Major Audit Sheet

B.M. Music Performance Musical Studies Audit Sheet

How do I find out which courses fulfill gen. eds. each semester?
Every semester the General Education courses are listed in Bear Paws prior to registration. It shows specific sections of courses that may be used to satisfy each particular requirement. You should use the schedule to help you plan how and when you fulfill the

When do I fill in my audit?
When you receive your final grade report at the end of each semester, immediately record all of the information for the general education courses which you have completed in the appropriate blanks.

Your responsibilities:
While your advisor assists you in planning schedules and reviewing progress toward your degree, it is your responsibility to insure that all of the graduation requirements have been completed. The Audit Worksheet is your summary record of requirement completion. Keep it updated and hang on to it.


  • Take this audit worksheet with you whenever you meet with an adviser or administrative staff member to discuss academic requirements, to plan the following semester's schedule, or to receive other academic advice.
  • Use Only The Degree Progress Worksheet You Have Been Given.* The requirements may have been different in previous years or may be changed in future years and, thus, the degree progress worksheet of a friend who matriculated either before or after you is not appropriate for you to use.
  • Note: Students who change from B.M. (Bachelor of Music) to any other degree will need that particular manual.

Program Assessment:

In order to assess learning outcomes and program function, students will be required to participate in occasional general education assessment activities that may include tests, exercises, and surveys aimed at deepening understanding of student progress and listening to student perceptions, attitudes, and opinions regarding the General Education Program.