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Faculty/Staff Support: Graduate & Continuing Education

The Division of Graduate & Continuing Education supports faculty/staff in many ways as it relates to the numerous programs we manage.  Given the nature of these programs, including but not limited to rules that govern work outside of an employment contract, please do not hesitate to contact us directly.  Our phone number is (315) 267-4722 and our email is

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Course Auditing

Special Sessions

  • Summer Session
  • Winter Session

Special Programs

Becoming an Adjunct Instructor

Course Auditing

Graduate & Continuing Education is responsible for tracking all auditors on campus. If a student approaches you about "sitting in" on one of your classes, please refer them to the Course Auditing webpage.

All auditors MUST be on file with Graduate & Continuing Education. Instructors must sign off on an auditor's Course Audit Application Form to give their official written permission. Anyone wishing to audit a course must wait until the first day of classes to obtain instructor permission and Instructors should not sign any paperwork until such time to account for any late additions to the course. Students officially enrolled in a course have priority in the case of limited space.

Instructors are not obligated to evaluate the auditor's work in any way. Course auditors do not factor into course enrollment and therefore Instructors are not eligible for additional compensation.

Becoming an Adjunct Instructor

Throughout the year the SUNY Potsdam campus hires a number of adjunct instructors, especially during special sessions (Summer and Winter). If you are interested in teaching a course for SUNY Potsdam, especially a distance learning course, we encourage you to apply through one of our departmental adjunct pools.