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Asian Studies

Contact Person:
Susan Stebbins, Department of Anthropology
246 MacVicar Hall, (315) 267-2047,

Asian Studies is an academic program that allows students to examine Asian cultures from both history and contemporary perspectives. The interdisciplinary nature of the courses encourages an understanding of the distinctive nature of each Asian society with an emphasis on their interconnections on a regional and global level.

A minimum of 18 credit hours required.

All courses are 3 credits unless noted. Credits are divided as follows:

Required Courses 3
HIST 225 East Asian Survey  
Electives 15
Any five of the following with advisement of the Asian Studies Coordinator.* At least nine credit hours must be upper division.
ANTH 371 Anthropology of China  
EDUC 315 Vietnam Cultural/Historical Travel Program  
HIST 314 Vietnam War  
HIST 315 Japanese Women?s History  
HIST 316 Modern China  
HIST 318 Pre-Modern Japan  
HIST 319 Modern Japan  
POLS 432 Politics of Global Inequality  
CHIN 101 Contemporary Chinese 101  
CHIN 102 Contemporary Chinese 102  
CHIN 103 Contemporary Chinese 103  
*Other classes, including Study Abroad, may be deemed appropriate in consultation with the Asian Studies Coordinator.