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Minor in Classical Studies

Contact Person:
David Curry, Department of Philosophy
204 Morey, (315) 267-2021,

18 semesters hours required.

The minor in Classical Studies is an interdisciplinary program that encourages undergraduates in various disciplines to come to an integrated awareness of the ancient cultures of Greece, Rome, the Mediterranean
and the classical tradition that underlies much of modern civilization. Courses are offered in six different departments across the School of Arts and Sciences.

All courses are 3 credits unless noted. Credits are divided as follows:

Required Courses (Credits 15-18)
HIST 321 Ancient Greece and Rome
LITR 371 Classical Heritage
PHIL 322 History of Ancient Philosophy

One of the following:
  ANTA 352/ARTH 385 Art and Archaeology of the Classical World
  ARTH 310 and 311*
One of the following:
  LATN 101 Introduction to Latin**
  GREK 101 Introduction to Classical Greek**

Electives (Credits 0-3)
ARTH 310* Greek Art and Architecture
ARTH 311* Roman Art and Architecture
ARTH 351* Late Antique Art
ARTH 381* Classical Mythology in Art
ARTH 451* Ancient Painting
DRAM 312 History of Theatre I
HIST 322 Ancient Middle East
HIST 323 Middle East from Alexander to Islam
HIST 326 Egypt in Late Antiquity
HIST 462 The Hero in Classical Antiquity
HIST 463 Ancient Magic
LATN 102 College Latin 2
LITR 372 Biblical Heritage
LITR 374 Classical Literature
LITR 405 Greek and Roman Literature
PHIL 387 Selected Philosophers (when appropriate)

* These courses all have a prerequisite of ARTH 100, 101, 102 or permission of the instructor.
**The language requirement for the Classical Studies Minor (LATN 101 or GREK 101) will be considered completed if a student has had two or more years of Greek or of Latin in high school. This requirement is
distinct from the General Education Modern Language requirement.

  1. A minimum grade of 2.0 is required for all courses in the minor
  2. No more than two courses may double count with any other major or minor.