Faculty-led Short term Overseas Academic Program (OAP)

Short-term, Faculty-led Course Approval Process

In an effort to streamline processes and ensure open communication among the various offices that assist students in their preparations for an overseas experience, all faculty must have prior approval to deliver short-term overseas courses.  Please access the Faculty-led Study Abroad Course Proposal (PDF) guidelines to prepare your proposal.  In addition, faculty planning overseas courses are required to attend a Faculty-led Course LTEC workshop or meet directly with the Director of International Education & Programs prior to leading students overseas.

Once approved by the appropriate Department Chair(s) and Dean(s), a copy of this proposal should be provided to curriculum committees reviewing the academic components of your program. The appropriate Dean, Office of Extended Education and the International Education Office will also retain copies of this approved proposal.  For assistance or clarification, please contact Krista Lavack, Director International Education & Programs, lavackkm@potsdam.edu.  Also, once the program has been approved, the Office of International Education & Programs will assist the faculty member in completing arrangements for the program. These will include: finalization of the program budget, creation of promotional materials, scheduling information sessions, addressing application intake/review/notification, arrangements for program payments, pre-departure orientations, post-program report, etc.

Proposal deadlines: For Winterim programs, submission deadline is April 1. For summer programs, submission deadline is November 1.

Short-term, Faculty-led Planning Guidebook

This handbook, developed by SUNY Potsdam’s International Education & Programs Office and the Office of Extended Education, is designed to assist faculty in planning for and implementing successful short-term international programs. It is a comprehensive planning guide that addresses many aspects of program delivery including: teaching and leader responsibilities, types of faculty led abroad courses, course approval process, health & safety, and budget preparations. 

Hard-copy versions of the handbook are limited so please review the electronic version of the 28-page handbook.

For more information and guidance, please contact:

Krista LaVack, Director of International Education & Programs 
SUNY Potsdam, Sisson Hall
44 Pierrepont Avenue
Potsdam, NY 13676-2294
Telephone: (315) 267-2507 Fax: (315) 267-4890
E-mail: lavackkm@potsdam.edu