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Insurance & the Health System

It is required that you have health insurance while studying at SUNY Potsdam. Medical costs are extremely high in the United States and it is essential that you are protected against any illness or accident that might happen.

SUNY Health Insurance Plan:

The College has a special medical insurance policy that costs $879.00 per year (2008-2009 academic year, rates subject to change), and is a very good value. Check out the insurance plan (PDF).


The SUNY Plan covers-

  • 100% of the first $4000 of Reasonable and Customary expenses
  • 80% of Reasonable and Customary expenses from $4000.01 to $7000 (participant is responsible for 20% of expenses in excess from $4000.01 to $7000 per accident per illness)
  • 100% of Reasonable Expenses from $7000.01 to the lifetime maximum of $200,000 per injury or sickness.
  • This policy covers you anywhere in the U.S and the world (except your home country) for one full year (August to August). Please contact Krista LaVack for more information about this plan.

Supplemental Coverage:

There is also an additional policy that covers medical evacuation and repatriation (MedEx coverage). This coverage costs $72. 00 per year (2008-2009 academic year, rates subject to change) and is designed to cover the expenses related to the care and travel back home in the event of a severe illness or accident AND the expenses related to transporting remains back to the home country in the event of an untimely death.


Canadian citizens from the Ontario province will have the SUNY medical coverage and cost ($879.00) automatically waived because of the comprehensive OHIP coverage already granted to all Ontario residents.

Canadian students will be charged the $72.00 MedEx coverage since OHIP does NOT cover these expenses.

Option to waive insurance:

It may be possible to waive your inclusion in the SUNY medical coverage or MedEx coverage, if you are able to show proof of a comparable insurance policy. Waiver forms were included with your immigration documentation and must be returned to the office of International Education & Programs before the end of the first week of classes. Please contact Krista LaVack should you require further information on this.


Any questions, concerns or problems regarding insurance should be directed to Ms. Krista LaVack in the office of International Education & Programs. You may also contact HTH Worldwide Insurance Services, Inc., for questions about coverage and claims. The toll free number is (888) 350-2002.


There is no deductible for health care as long as you visit Student Health Services first. However, there is a deductible of $100.00 per illness/accident/injury if you initially go to another Health provider. The $100.00 deductible is waived if Student Health Services is closed when you need medical care (emergency situations).

Student Health Services

  • Student Health Services is located on the first floor of Van Housen.
  • Telephone: (315)267-2377).
  • Student Health Services is staffed by a full time physician, nurse practitioners, nurses, health educator, insurance representative, secretary and a laboratory technician.
  • The Center is accredited by the Accreditation Association for Ambulatory Health Care.
  • If you are ill (except in case of emergency) you should see the Health Services first, or your insurance may require you to pay a portion of medical bills.
  • Please note that appointments are required.

Health & Immunization Records & The Health Report

All students enrolling at Potsdam are required to file a health report, including a complete list of immunizations against diseases or documentation by a physician of the disease(s) you have had.

The Health Report (also referred to as SHS PreAdmission Health Form) was included in your admissions package. This must be on file with Student Health Services 6 weeks prior to your start date at SUNY Potsdam . If you have not completed the necessary health report you may not be able to register for classes.

Student Health Fee VS Health Insurance

All students are required to pay the health fee. Additional charges (which must be paid for at the time of service) include certain medications and supplies.

Students are responsible for all medical expenses incurred off campus such as emergency room visits, referrals, laboratory tests and all other services and supplies.

Please note that the mandatory health fee is not the same thing as your expenses for International Student Health Insurance. These will show as separate charges on your student billing statement if you purchase the SUNY Health Insurance Plan. Please contact Krista LaVack should you require further clarification.