H-1B Visa and Permanent Residency

Obtaining your H-1B VISA

The H-1B visa is the third step in securing U.S. permanent residency through employment [first step: enter as an F1 student; second step: graduate and utilize OPT; third step: gain H-1B status; fourth step: employer sponsors you (and dependents) for PR status].

The International Education & Programs office has very limited H-1B visa knowledge and therefore hosts a qualified immigration lawyer, Mr. Arthur Serratelli, from Vandeventer Black, LLP based in Norfolk, Virginia each fall semester to explain the H-1B process.

Mr. Serratelli provides a brochure (PDF) as part of his presentation that you and your employer may find useful in clarifying the different employment visa statuses including H-1B.

Mr. Serratelli can be reached by phone, 757-446-8683 or email, aserratelli@vanblk.com to assist you with your H-1B application.