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San Miguel de Allende, Mexico

Location Abroad: Academia Hispano Americana, San Miguel de Allende

Program Title: Spanish Immersion in San Miguel de Allende in Mexico

Program Description:

The Academia Hispano Americana offers small classes of instruction in Spanish, integrating language and Latin American Studies, with special emphasis on Mexico. The unique feature of this program is the opportunity for nontraditional students with children to participate in an intensive Spanish immerision, including home stays with childcare provided by families. Students will be met at the airport, put onto a first class bus and taken by vans from the bus to the homes of their host families. Host families are a special and important part of the immersion experience.

San Miguel De Allende was founded 450 years ago by Fray Juan de San Miguel and is preserved by the government of Mexico as a national monument. Built on the side of a hill 6,400 feet above sea level, it looks west 40 miles across the valley of the mountains of Guanajato. Behind heavy wooden doors and chalk-white garden walls, simply styled homes are surrounded by flowering gardens. In the center of the town stands the tall pink, parochial church, unique in Mexico. The city's cobbled streets and sunny gardens speak of clean air and a tranquil life, a place for study and creative thinking. A rich cultural life includes the famed Conchero dancers and traditional celebrations with music, elaborate fireworks and dancing. In addition, there are bullfights, rodeos, dances, tennis, golf, horseback riding and swimming in hot thermal springs.

Advising note: Students who intend to continue on their return to the next level of college-level Spanish are advised that they may need to study on their own any grammar topics not covered in the San Miguel program. An advising worksheet for grammar is available upon request. Students majoring or minoring in Spanish who wish to participate in this program should meet with their Spanish advisor in advance to discuss possible course credits (normally limited to Mexican Culture and Spanish Conversation).

Host Institution: The Academia Hispano Americana.

Fields of Study: Spanish language and Mexican culture.

Dates: Summer (4 weeks: late June - late July)

Admission Criteria: Students should have a minimum cumulative grade-point average of 2.75. Sophomore, Junior and Senior standing at the time of the exchange is recommended, although exceptional Freshmen will be considered.

Language of Instruction: Spanish.

Costs: This is a direct-exchange program in which the outgoing student pays tuition to SUNY Potsdam, and the incoming exchange partner covers tuition in Mexico. SUNY students pay tuition to their home campus; non-SUNY students pay tuition directly to SUNY Potsdam. Room and board is paid in Mexico.

Application Deadline: March 15.

Completed applications materials should be sent to:

Bethany Parker

Student Study Abroad & Exchanges Coordinator

107 Crumb Library, SUNY Potsdam

Potsdam, NY 13676-2294

Telephone: (315)267-3150

Fax: (315) 267-2811


Passports: Students are responsible for obtaining their own passports. Since passports take some time to receive, you should begin this process early. If you have any questions about this program or for more information, please contact the respective International Education Office.