Dining Options & Your SUNY ID

Dining Services

Potsdam Auxiliary and College Educational Services (PACES) is a not-for-profit corporation operating under contract with SUNY Potsdam. PACES operates Dining Services, the College Store, the Union Market, Vending Services and a variety of administrative services.

PACES Dining Services exists to serve SUNY Potsdam by providing a broad range of products and services. The seven distinctly different dining locations offer a variety of dining settings and food selections. To learn more about our dining stations, meal plans, etc., visit:

  • Dining (for information about Dining Stations and food offered)
  • Meal Plans (for information about meal plan options)
  • Bear Express (what it's for and how to use it)

SUNY Potsdam ID Card - SUNY Card

Your SUNYCard is a high tech, multi-purpose identification and debit transaction card. The SUNYCard is not only the official college photo/ID card but it a meal card also. It is necessary for library services, access to Maxcy Hall Athletic Complex and is required to be shown at many campus and Associated Colleges events.

To avoid the possibility of someone else using your card, lost SUNYCards should be reported to the SUNYCard office in Merritt Hall. If the office is closed, you may report the lost card to a manager at the Student Union Dining Court . New cards may be obtained at the SUNYCard office during regular business hours. A fee of $10 will be imposed for replacement of lost cards. PACES is not responsible for purchases made with lost or stolen cards.

To learn more, visit the Your SUNY ID Card site.