Campus living provides convenient access to academic buildings, athletic facilities, support staff and services.

To learn more about living on campus and corresponding services, visit Residence Halls.

We encourage our international students to live in one of the following residence halls as they are open during the entire academic year. Some of our residence halls will close over student breaks and vacations. If you plan on staying in Potsdam over the holidays, you should choose from one of the following residence halls:  

  • Lehman Hall  
  • Draime Hall        
  • Townhouses
  • Van Heusen

Housing Policy

SUNY Potsdam has a policy that all undergraduate students should live on campus for the first two years (Freshman and Sophomore).

Housing assignments are handled by the Office of Residence Life, Draime Hall, telephone 315-267-2350. For more information regarding the International Initiative Incentive, please refer to that particular section in this guide.

The vast majority of students share rooms with others. If you want a single room, a small number are available for an extra payment. 

Linens and Personal Possessions

The residence halls do not have a linen service so you should plan to bring single (twin extra long) bed sheets and pillowcases with you. It is probably not practical to bring blankets and pillows unless you are sending a trunk.

Dorm rooms are rather bare. It is a good idea for you to bring some personal possessions that you would enjoy seeing around you every day and particularly to bring photographs of your family and perhaps of your home. Other students will be most interested, by the way, in your country. So, if you have slides or photographs, do bring them.

Laundry and Kitchen Facilities

There are laundry facilities located in the basement of each residence hall. Each residence hall also has a Hall Council Kitchen containing at least a refrigerator and stove. Some kitchens are better equipped than others.

Internet Services on Campus

Resnet is the term used to refer to the Residential Network at Potsdam. There is a 10base-T network port available for every student living in the residence halls. As a SUNY Potsdam resident, you can connect your personally owned computer to the campus network, and the Internet, right in your room.

There is no charge for the connection. However, you may need to purchase a network adapter and cable. You can purchase these items through The College Store when you turn in the ResNet application or you may purchase them at a computer store of your choosing.

If you purchase them at The College Store, we will install the hardware for you. If you purchase it elsewhere, you are responsible for installation of the hardware. Even if you already have the hardware, we can help with the software configuration.

There is a ResNet Office/Helpdesk in the Bowman West residence hall that you may contact for assistance - ext. 4444. Also see Computing & Technology's What's Available section to see which areas on campus have general computer access.

Accommodations Off Campus

Senior students and students who are already over the age of 21 when they come to Potsdam have the option of living off campus. This is much less convenient, but sometimes suits the needs of students better, particularly if they are bringing their spouses and/or dependent children with them.

Good quality housing can be found if students look several months in advance of their desired move-in date. If you decide to live off campus for some reason, then you should come and discuss the matter with the staff in the Office of International Education, and we will be able to make some suggestions for possible places to live and offer guidelines for questions to ask the landlord.

Students with Children

SUNY Potsdam does not currently offer on-campus housing for married students or students with children. Students with families can find housing off-campus in the town using newspaper advertisements, lists from the Student Government Association office (Student Union room 213, 315-267-2588 ), or local real estate agencies.