Succeeding as a student

Checklist for Academic Success

  • Introduce yourself to three or four people in each of your classes and get to know them. You may be sick one day and need to borrow class notes or double check your expectations of the class.
  • Get acquainted with learning resources on campus, including the The Writing Center, the Student Success Center and many more.
  • Buy a United States English dictionary so you are using and spelling U.S. English correctly.    
  • Review the course syllabus in each class; be aware of all expectations and dates for assignments and exams.    
  • E-mail or visit your professor with questions about course material or for feedback on your ideas for papers and assignments. Many international students prefer to "go home and work hard" rather than talking with a professor, but talking to the professor may save you much time and frustration.
  • Join at least one activity to expand your circle of friends and experiences. Meeting people through social and recreational activities can help you develop a community of support that will help you succeed academically.