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Anthropology Classroom photo

B.A. in Anthropology

Anthropology is the holistic study of human cultures/societies through time and space, as well as our primate relatives. Anthropologists study the full range of the human experience, from human origins to language to material culture to social organization. Each of its five fields – archaeology, cultural anthropology, physical anthropology, linguistics and applied anthropology – has a different focus but they share methods, theories and foundational concepts such as culture and cultural relativism. Anthropology students at SUNY Potsdam are trained in all five fields, 
with a particular focus on the practical application of anthropological knowledge.

Click HERE to learn about majoring in Anthropology from a faculty member's perspective.






SUNY Potsdam has an active Anthropology Club. The goals of this club are to enhance knowledge about anthropology and its subdisciplines, promote cultural awareness and acceptability and educate students on how to apply this knowledge in everyday life and in life beyond college.