B.A. in Art Education with St. Lawrence University

Contact Person:
Caroline Downing, Chair
218 Brainerd, (315) 267-2251, downincj@potsdam.edu

SUNY Potsdam and St. Lawrence University collaborate to offer an Art Education Certification program to SUNY Potsdam students. The program allows a student to take coursework for the Bachelor of Arts in Studio Art at SUNY Potsdam and become certified by the State of New York for K-12 Art Education. The program prepares and qualifies students to teach art at all levels of public schools in New York State.

The program has two segments. The first is to complete coursework for a Bachelor of Arts in Studio Art. In the Art Studio major students must complete five beginning level studio courses and one upper level studio course. Students must complete all General Education requirements of SUNY Potsdam and also take three courses in Education at SUNY Potsdam. These are:

EDLS 201 Principles of Education
EDLS 307 Literacy in the Arts Disciplines

PSYC 350 Educational Psychology

The second is the Professional Sequence at St. Lawrence University that includes coursework in Professional Observation, Art Methods, Curriculum Development, Seminar, and Student Teaching.

Students who are interested in the Art Education program should meet with the Chair of the Art Department during the fall semester of the Junior year to discuss the program and register their intent to join the program. During the spring semester of the Junior year students should formally apply to the program. Students must have a 3.0 GPA to be admitted into the professional sequence at St. Lawrence University. At that time the Chair will review each student’s file and determine the readiness for the Professional Semester. The student will then register for one course in the fall and four courses in the spring of the Senior year at St. Lawrence University which is the only semester that the Professional sequence is taught.

Students who wish to enter the St. Lawrence University Art Certification Program must be art studio majors and meet the following criteria:

  1. Have a grade-point average of 3.0 or above, both overall and in the major;
  1. Have successfully completed the following course at St. Lawrence University: EDUC 301 Observations and Principles of Education;
  1. Have successfully completed each of the following requirements at SUNY Potsdam:
ARTH 101 Art History Survey I  
ARTH 102 Art History Survey II  
ARTH xxx Upper Division Elective  
ARTS 110 Drawing I  
ARTS 120 Color and Design  
ARTS 130
Three-Dimensional Design (students matriculating fall 2014 and after)
ARTS 319 Digital Design I  
ARTS 329 Painting I  
ARTS 339 Printmaking I  
ARTS 349 Sculpture I  
ARTS 359 Ceramics I  
ARTS 379 Photography I  
One ARTS Upper Level Studio Elective  
Five Level I Studio Courses (one three dimensional course)  

Professional Courses:
EDLS 201 Principles of Education  
EDUC 307 Literacy in the Arts Disciplines
PSYC 350 Educational Psychology  


During the spring semester of their senior year, all art certification students must enroll in the Professional Semester at St. Lawrence University that consists of the following courses: EDUC 405 Dynamics of Student Teaching, EDUC 406 Supervised Student Teaching, EDUC 407 Supervised Student Teaching and EDUC 410 Methods and Materials in Art Education. Please be aware that admission into the Professional Semester is not automatic. Criteria for admission are published in the SLU catalog. Questions regarding the Professional Semester should be directed to Coordinator, Undergraduate Teacher Education Program, St. Lawrence University, (315) 229-5847 or Mark Huff, SUNY Potsdam Art Department, huffms@potsdam.edu.