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3-2 Program, Computer Science & Engineering

Contact Person: M. Azad Islam, Department of Physics
214 Timerman, (315) 267-2284,

This program prepares students who have educational and career interests in both computer science and engineering. The first three years are spent enrolled at SUNY Potsdam, but during the second and third year, the student is a part-time student at Clarkson University. The fourth and fifth years are full time at Clarkson University. At the end of the fifth year the student receives both a B.A. from SUNY Potsdam in Computer Science and a B.S. degree from Clarkson University in the engineering field of his or her choice. First-year students must register for PHYS 103, MATH 151 and CIS 201 during their first semester in order to take subjects in sequence. See page 63.