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MBA Programs with Clarkson University (4+1)

Contact Person: Joe Timmerman, Business Administration Chair/Associate Professor

212 Dunn, (315) 267-2219,

Clarkson Contact Person: Joshua LaFave, Associate Director,

Graduate Business Programs

(315) 268-6613,

Clarkson University and SUNY Potsdam have established an agreement that allows students to plan their undergraduate programs to include courses which will serve as a foundation for graduate study in business. Students must complete a regular undergraduate major in which foundation courses may satisfy some graduate requirements. These foundation courses include materials required in the first year of study in MBA programs; therefore, students who carefully plan their undergraduate programs are able to earn the undergraduate degree and an MBA degree in five years.

Students currently enrolled at SUNY Potsdam should try to select appropriate electives in order to complete most of the foundation courses as a part of their undergraduate programs. The required courses for the Bachelor of Science in Business Administration satisfy all of the foundation courses. If necessary, prior to beginning the MBA programs, any remaining foundation courses may be taken during the Summer Business Concepts Program at Clarkson University.

Foundation requirements include satisfactory completion of a total of 27 credit hours in the following subjects: economics, finance, production, management, information systems, business law, accounting,marketing, and statistics. All foundation courses must be successfully completed with a 2.0 or higher.

SUNY Potsdam Course Equivalents Clarkson University Course Requirements
ACCT 201/202 Principles of Accounting I and II or Accounting Financial and Managerial
ACCT 385 Managerial Accounting

ECON 105 Principles of Micro-economics and

Economics: Micro and Macro
ECON 110 Principles of Macro-economics

FINA 301 Finance

Corporate Finance
MGMT 410 Operations Mgt. Operation/Production Mgt.
MGMT 340 Information Systems Information Systems
STAT 100 Statistics or equivalent Probability and Statistics

MGMT 301 Principles of Mgt. or

Principles of Mgt. and
MGMT 310 Organizational Behavior and Ethics or Organizational Behavior
SOCI 320 Complex Organizations

MKTG 301 Principles of Mktg.

Principles of Mktg.

In addition, it is assumed that students will have a working knowledge of calculus.

Program Structure: Building on a knowledge base in the foundation subjects, the MBA program consists of 35 credit hours of study (10 modules, four electives and a three credit experiential requirement) at the graduate level. Twenty credit hours must be completed from among the core modules in the following functional areas of study:

Financial Management

Management Accounting
Marketing Management Information Systems
Corporate Ethical Decision Making Applied Economics
Supply Chain Management Strategic Planning
Organizational Behavior Decision Analysis and
Supply Chain Modeling

All students must also complete one experiential course in consulting, or, a international study abroad. The remaining twelve hours (four courses) consist of electives from among the many graduate offerings of the School of Business. Thus, the candidate has the opportunity to pursue advanced work in the above functional areas as well as specialized work in a variety of other areas. Admission Procedures: Preliminary inquiries concerning programs, admission and financial aid may be made at any time and should be addressed to the Graduate Business Programs Office, School of Business at Clarkson University. As soon as possible after completion of the third year of undergraduate study, applicants should submit an official ?Clarkson University Application for Admission and Assistance for Graduate Study? form. All application forms, transcript, Graduate Management Admissions Test (GMAT) or General Record Exam (GRE) scores, current resume, and three letters of recommendation should be sent to the Graduate Business Programs Office at Clarkson University.

All applicants must take the GMAT/GRE and ask that the score be reported to Clarkson University. It is very important that the GMAT/ GRE be taken at the earliest possible date after having decided to submit an application. A firm decision concerning admission and financial aid cannot be made without this score.

The School of Business attempts to notify an applicant as early as possible after receiving the application materials and GMAT score. A grade point average of 3.0 and a 70th percentile GMAT score are sufficient to secure early admission to the program. In other cases, a decision must be postponed until grades from additional courses are available. Applicants not accepted immediately would be advised on an individual basis as to what must be done during their last year of study to secure admission. Grade trends, work experience and letters of reference all have a bearing in the decision process. Most students begin the MBA program in the fall semester, and course offerings are scheduled accordingly. Students needing substantial foundation courses, however, may find spring enrollment a desirable alternative, since Clarkson University offers all courses necessary to satisfy the foundation requirement.