MBA with Rochester Institute of Technology (4+1)

Contact Person: Joe Timmerman, Business Administration Chair/Associate Professor
212 Dunn, (315) 267-2219,
  The State University of New York at Potsdam and Rochester Institute   of Technology (RIT) College of Business have established an agreement   which allows qualified students who have earned a Bachelor of Science   degree to accelerate their progress through the RIT College of Business   MBA program. Waiver of selected MBA common body of knowledge   courses is granted based upon completion of certain undergraduate   courses. Refer to equivalency courses below. Students may be able to   complete the MBA program in as few as four or five academic quarters.   Applicants should demonstrate an overall strong potential for success   in graduate business study based on their GMAT scores and their   undergraduate academic performance. Only grades of “B” or better   in the designated undergraduate courses are acceptable for waiver of graduate level coursework.

SUNY Potsdam Course Equivalents Rochester Institute of Tech. Courses
ACCT 201/202 - Principles of Accounting I and II plus Financial Accounting
ACCT 385 - Managerial Accounting  

      MGMT 310 - Organizational Behavior and Ethics

      Organizational Behavior and Leadership
Plus one of the following:  
EMRE 330 - Human Resource Management  
EMRE 432 - Organizational Development  
MGMT 301 Principles of Management  
MGMT 420 Leadership in Organizations  


      ECON 380 Introduction to Statistical Analysis for Decision Making*       Econometrics (lecture/recitation) and       MATH 126 Probability and       Statistics II or

Statistical Analysis for Decision Making *
MATH 461 Probability and       Mathematical Statistics I and       MATH 562 Probability and       Mathematical Statistics II  

      ECON 105 - Principles of Microeconomics and

      Economics for Managers
ECON 110 - Principles of Macroeconomics  
MKTG 301 - Principles of Marketing Marketing Concepts
      Plus one of the following:  
MKTG 320 - Principles of Advertising and Promotion  
MKTG 330 - Marketing Research  

      MGMT 410 - Operations Management

      Operations Management

      FINA 301 - Finance and

      Financial Analysis for Managers
FINA 410 - Investments and Portfolio Analysis  

*Students must also successfully pass statistics portion of Grad Math/ Grad Stat exam offered at orientation.