MBA with Union Graduate College (4+1)

Contact Person: Donna Mosier, Depart. of Business Administration
  212 Dunn, (315) 267-2238,
  The MBA Graduate School of Union College has established a 4+1   agreement with SUNY Potsdam to allow SUNY Potsdam students to   complete their MBA degree in one additional year after graduation from their undergraduate programs.  
  The MBA program prepares students for analytical, managerial, and   executive-level positions in a variety of enterprises. The design and   delivery of the curriculum emphasizes broad exposure to core business
  disciplines; the building of analytical, computer, communication and   human management skills; and the development of an ethical systemsoriented,   cross-functional perspective for decision making.
  Graduate management study at Union College is a very specialized   experience. Union’s first-rate faculty delivers a flexible, global curriculum   within a “small college” environment with the opportunities of a strong   global MBA. It is Union’s size and careful attention to the individual   needs of each student that make graduate study at Union such a rewarding   experience. Small classes meet in the evening, enabling Union to   bring full and part-time students, from all educational backgrounds,   together in exciting and diversified ways. Faculty is routinely accessible   outside of class for individual student questions and conversation.
  Upon completion of the junior year at SUNY Potsdam, students may   be granted “early admissions” if they have achieved a GPA of 3.4 and   a GMAT of 600 or above. “Regular admissions” applicants must have a GPA of 3.0 and a GMAT score of 500 or above.   Students must complete the SUNY Potsdam courses listed below with a   grade of B- or above to waive the 8 MBA equivalents at Union College in order to graduate from the MBA program in one additional year.

SUNY Potsdam CoursesUnion College Courses
MATH 151 Calculus orGMI 201 Mathematics of Management (1/2)
ECON 375 Mathematical Economics 
MATH 125 Probability and Statistics I orGMI 202 Introduction to Probability (1/2)
ECON 300 Statistical Methods in Economics and Business 
Any two of the following four: 
ECON 380 Introduction to EconometricsGMI 206 Statistical Models for Management
MATH 126 Probability and Statistics II 
MATH 461 Probability and Mathematical Statistics I 
MATH 562 Probability and Mathematical Statistics II 
ECON 105 Principles of Microeconomics andGMI 220 Principle of Economics
ECON 110 Principles of Macroeconomics 
ACCT 201 Principles of Accounting I andGMI 210 Financial Accounting
ACCT 202 Principles of Accounting II 
ACCT 385 Managerial Accounting andGMI 212 Managerial Accounting and Finance
FINA 301 Finance 
MGMT 330 Legal Environment of Business andGMI 270 Legal Principles of Business
      EMRE 301 Employment Law or
EMRE 302 Labor Law 
MGMT 301 Principles of ManagementGMI 251 Managing People & Teams in Organizations
And one of the following: 
EMRE 330 Human Resource Management 
EMRE 432 Organizational Development 
MGMT 310 Organizational Behavior and Ethics 
MGMT 420 Leadership in Organizations 
MKTG 301 Principles of Marketing andGMI 225 Marketing Management & Strategy
MKTG 320 Principles of Advertising and Promotion or 
MKTG 330 Marketing Research