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Minerva Submission Details

The Minerva

The Journal of The Center for Student Research at SUNY Potsdam

The Center for Student Research is pleased to be requesting articles for the 2nd edition of the Minerva, a publication featuring the research, scholarly and creative work of SUNY Potsdam students. The journal will be released during the Fall 2014 semester. Any SUNY Potsdam student, graduate or undergraduate, is eligible to submit. Those who graduated in December 2013 or will graduate in May 2014 may also submit.

The title was determined through a contest in February 2012. Sophomore History major Alana Coulum submitted the winning entry determined by The Center for Student Research staff. Alana received a $25 gift certificate to The College Store for submitting the winning entry. Minerva is the Roman goddess of wisdom, the arts, medicine, industry, and trade among many others. Many of the early teacher training colleges in New York used the goddess of wisdom and protection as a symbol on their campuses. Her image is well represented here at SUNY Potsdam.

The Minerva will publish a variety of student work in the following areas:

  • Education & Professional Studies (athletics, business administration, community health, curriculum & instruction, literacy, secondary education, special education)
  • Fine & Performing Arts (art history, studio art, creative writing, dance, music, theater)
  • Humanities (history, literary criticism, modern languages, philosophy)
  • Sciences (biology, chemistry, computer science, environmental science, geology, math & physics)
  • Social Sciences (anthropology, criminal justice, economics, politics, psychology, sociology)

The Minerva will also feature student research highlights from the previous year and upcoming events of The Center for Student Research.

Faculty Reviewers

A panel of faculty members will review submissions for each general area. If you would like to serve as a faculty reviewer, please contactThe Center for Student Research (, x2051).

Student Reviewers

We would also like to appoint one student from each general area to serve as a reviewer. Faculty are welcome to nominate a student, or interested students should contact The Center for Student Research at with the following information:

  • your name
  • major(s)
  • faculty mentor (and contact info) who can vouch for your skills & reliability
  • confirmation that you are able to review submissions during the month of May.Note: you do NOT have to be on campus to review submissions.

Submission Criteria

Carefully read the following information. Selections will be made according to the guidelines set forth in the below criteria. The review teams for each area will determine what they believe to be suitable for publication.

Current SUNY Potsdam students, and persons who graduated in May 2014 are eligible to submit and must be the primary author or creator of the submitted work. Students may submit more than one entry for consideration, but no more than three.

Simultaneous submissions to both The Minerva and another journal is permitted. You must include any such disclosures to The Minerva (and the other journal) at the time of your submission and notify the Director of The Center for Student Research immediately if your work is accepted by the other journal.We are happy to print any disclosures from another journal indicating publication. The author/creator is responsible for adhering to the exclusivity policies of the other journal or venue.

The Minerva seeks to represent the varied disciplines on our liberal arts campus. Submissions may be in the form of:

  • manuscript: between 2,000 ? 5,000 words (not including bibliography)
  • original, creative writing
  • pdf of photo, artwork or research poster (an abstract or short summary must accompany)
  • mp3 of musical or oral presentation of no more than 15 minutes (an abstract or short summary must accompany)
  • .mov video file of no more than 6 minutes (an abstract or short summary must accompany)

All submissions must be in electronic format (docx, pdf, mp3, or .mov) and sent to cur@potsdam.edufrom the author's email address. Each electronic file must have the author or artist's first initial, last name ? year - area. For example, Darlah Brown submitting a history manuscript would title her file as: DarlahBrown-2012-Humanities.pdf. All submissions must include the following in ONE EMAIL. Do not submit the items over multiple emails.

  • Title of work
  • Author or artist's full name, major(s) and year in school, hometown, telephone, email address
  • Faculty mentor's name, rank, department and contact information
  • Abstract (up to 200 words)
  • Key terms list
  • Appropriate acknowledgements
  • Bibliography or Works Cited
  • pdfs of graphs, charts, photos and illustrations that directly apply to your project.
  • Brief biography (no more than 100 words)
  • Personal photograph (this can be a candid or informal picture that clearly shows your face). Photos that show the subject working in their field are the most desirable.
  • A statement indicating that all of your work is original and that the use of any images or recorded sound has the permission of the original owner or copy write holder.

Failure to include any of the above information will result in the disqualification of your submission. For larger files (especially video or audio), you may have to send a link to a drop box if the file is too large to send via the Potsdam system.

Citation and Style Rules

It is important that you cite all references in your work. This includes all images or permissions granted to use such images. Use the APA citation style to cite your sources and format your manuscript.

All written work must adhere to the following:

  • 1.25" left and right margins
  • 1" top and bottom margins
  • use 12 pt. Times New Roman font only
  • all text must be double spaced (except for bibliography)

Please contact The Center for Student Research at or X2051 if you have any questions about the guidelines or submission process

Minerva is the Roman goddess of wisdom, the arts, medicine, industry, and trade among many others.