Kilmer Undergraduate Research Apprenticeships

The next application deadlines are:

  • Friday, April 11@ 5 p.m. (For fall 2014 / academic year applications)

Kilmer Research Apprenticeships encourage and support student/faculty collaborative, independent research projects.  The goal of the program is to increase undergraduate research across the campus in all fields of academic study. 

The Kilmer Fund was established through a generous donation by an anonymous donor to honor Dr. Frederick Barnett Kilmer, a physician and analytical chemist, who was the Director of Scientific Affairs for the Johnson & Johnson company from 1889 to 1934.


  • 2.5 GPA or above. This must be maintained at the time the award is given and throughout the duration of the apprenticeship. In rare cases where a student’s GPA is slightly below a 2.5, but high in their particular field of interest, the academic advisor must write a letter to support the project.
  • Be enrolled in a research or independent study course (or INTD 499-Kilmer Undergraduate Research Apprenticeship) with the faculty mentor of their project during the academic year. Students do not have to be enrolled for course credit to qualify for the summer awards. Students are responsible to register for the correct course and section.
  • Submit a Progress Report each semester. For year-long apprenticeships, Progress Reports document available below) must be submitted at the end of each semester. Summer apprentices must submit their reports before the start of the fall semester.
  • Present the results of findings or the culmination of creative/scholarly projects in an academic forum or venue appropriate to the discipline within six months of completion of the project (i.e. campus academic forum, professional conference, academic journal, advertised exhibit or performance, or the annual Learning & Research Fair). This can include an abstract submitted to a conference or journal that may occur several months after the six-month deadline. The Center for Undergraduate Research strongly encourages Kilmer Apprentices to attempt to share their findings at an off-campus venue in addition to an on-campus event (i.e. Learning & Research Fair or departmental colloquium). 
  • Meet as a cohort to discuss and share your work. There will be two sessions per semester- one in the first 3 weeks and one approximately 11 weeks into the semester. We hope that the cohort model will further enhance the Kilmer apprentice experience through the sharing of information and mutual support. Attendance is mandatory. Cohort sessions will be scheduled at a variety of times to accommodate schedules. Summer apprentices will meet or communicate with the Director of Undergraduate Research as agreed upon during the course of their project.

Application Procedure

Submit a completed Application form (see below) to the Center for Undergraduate Research (102 MacVicar Hall, by the designated application date. Note: applications have been revised as of February 2012. Application deadlines will be posted for each new term. Late applications will not be accepted.

Note: Applications must be completed by the student. Students may certainly consult with their faculty mentor, but they should be written in the voice of the student. Late, incomplete or previous versions of the application will not be accepted.

Awards (To be used only for expenses directly related to the project)

  • One year projects (two full semesters): up to $500
  • Semester projects: up to $300 
  • Summer projects: up to $1,000

Award amounts will be based on the integrity and detail of items listed in the budget and must be expended within the projected timeline. Failure to expend the award within the designated time will result in the reallocation of funds. Students are eligible for one award within the academic year and only one summer award during their undergraduate course of study.

Funding is dependent upon endowment earnings per year and may fluctuate as necessary.

Faculty Incentives and Criteria

Beginning with the summer 2011 awards, for every 3 NEW Kilmer Apprentices they mentor, faculty are eligible to receive up to $300 in professional development funding. They may receive this award no more than once every 2 years. Faculty are eligible to mentor up to 3 Kilmer Apprentices in any given year. In order to encourage more student participation, each new student may only be counted once by one faculty member towards the faculty incentive goal.


All forms related to the Kilmer Fund Application process and award disbursement:

  • 2014 / 2015 Academic Year Kilmer Application Guidelines (DOC) (PDF)
  • Kilmer Award Disbursement Form

    • For Students: (PDF) | (DOC) (Submit to Center for Undergraduate Research)
    • For Faculty: (PDF) | (DOC) (Submit to Center for Undergraduate Research)
  • Travel Requisition Form (Must be submitted prior to travel)
  • Foundation Account Purchase Order Form
  • Kilmer Progress Report (PDF) | (DOC) (Submitted directly to the Center for Undergraduate Research)

Kilmer Research Apprenticeship Recipients: