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Information for Students

Research is a great way to get involved at SUNY Potsdam. Faculty in every field are engaged in active work and they always welcome student collaborators.

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Student Research can take place in a class, outside of class, or even during the summer. Research is different from what you learn in classes because it produces something new that wasn't known before. New results can be produced by lab analysis, fieldwork, performances, writing, archival research ? anything you do to gather new information about your discipline is research.

Most students begin by assisting their faculty member with an on-going project and then are given a manageable project of their own to complete. Advanced students, especially Presidential Scholars, Honors students or Kilmer Apprentices work on their own projects.

What are the benefits of doing Undergraduate Research?

  • Form a close relationship with a faculty member.
  • Apply what you learn in the classroom to unique problems.
  • Build confidence in your academic and professional skills.
  • Present your research results at a conference.
  • Get higher grades in classes.
  • Create a better resume for graduate school or employment.
  • Experience the joy of discovery!

It's not too early or too late to get started!

  • If you know you want to do research, but don't know where to start, contact Dr. Kelly Bonnar e-mail, or stop by the Center for Student Research at MacVicar 102 (between MacVicar and Carson, near Becky's Place). We have a growing list of resources and are eager to help you get started.
  • But don't feel like you have to wait until you are a junior or senior to start a project! No matter how far along you are in college, if you are interested in a project or a faculty member, ask your professor how you can get involved!

There are many opportunities at SUNY Potsdam that offer academic credit, professional experience or payment for your contribution to research projects. Students with research experience on campus can also apply for prestigious outside programs for summer or semester-long research experiences.