Summer 2011 Kilmer Apprentices

Sam Bouabane (Computer Science/Organizational Leadership and Technology) working with Dr. Anthony Betrus on: Developing 21st Century Leadership Skills Through Online Video Games.

Robert M. Fowler (Computer Science/Organizational Leadership and Technology) working with Dr. Edd Schneider on: Game Development for Mobile Platforms.

Jessica Graves
(Biology) working with Dr. Robert Ewy on: Determining gene expression profiles in Plants exposed to stress.

Megan MacDonald (Theatre) working with Professor Kimberley Bouchard on: Scottish Female Playwrights and the Glaswegian Identity: How these contributed to political theatre in Glasgow, Scotland from 1920 to

Charlie Miller
(Studio Art) working with Professor Amy Swartele on: Building Sculptural Forms with Smooth-On Materials.

Kaci Milligan (Politics and Environmental Studies) working with Dr. Stacy Rosenberg on: Assessing Residents’ Views of the Adirondack Park and its Future.

Brett Nyrehn (Geology) working with Dr. Christopher Kelson on: Distribution of gold within ore from the Hilltop gold deposit, Lander County, Nevada.

Samantha R. Paige (Community Health) working with Dr. Kelly Bonnar on: Perceived Severity of Type II Diabetes and Knowledge of the Risk Factors among Rural Black/African Americans and non-Hispanic Whites.