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Sexual Offenders: Criminal Justice Response

10 credits for 7 students.
Coordinator: Nancy Lewis

Students in the learning community will focus the discussion on registered sexual offenders and/or laws associated with them.

85029 SOCI 435 ? Correction and Punishment: 3 cr. MWF 12-12:50 p.m. - Lewis, N.
Programs, processes, changing orientations and resistance to innovation in corrective system. Adjudication through probation, incarceration and parole; reintegration of offender; effects on inmates, administrations, policy makers and general public. Prerequisite: SOCI 101 or SOCI 103.

85030 POLS 327 Law and Society 4 cr. WF 2-3:40 p.m. - Gordinier, T.
This course examines how society and the Courts intersect with each other when controversial policies such as racial integration are being implemented by Judges. IT will also explore strategies of defiance of judicial rulings and how Courts respond to cues from other political institutions and the manner in which new
social developments influence judicial thinking and behavior.

85031 HLTH 341 ? Issues in Sexual Health: 3 cr. M 4-7 p.m. Bonnar, K.

This course is designed to be an exploration of topics in sexual health. Students will examine adolescent and sexual identity development; sexual health issues such as sexually transmitted disease, reproduction and sexual violence, and community health strategies used to address sexual health such as policy, sexuality education, disease prevention and sexual health promotion efforts, sexual/reproductive health care. Students will also explore the impact of attitudes about sex on sexual health and on community health strategies to address sexual health.