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Kathryn Boswell

The History of Virginity

My project is an exploration into the concept of virginity in Western thought, beginning with the Early Church Fathers into the present. Before doing any extensive study, it was my impression that the idea of virginity has at one time had a connotation of strength or wholeness, and that in our present day the concept has become one of incompleteness, perhaps unripeness. I wish to try to follow the thread of the idea of virginity through the ages, to see how it has changed and developed.

In keeping with the theme, I am writing a series of poems about girls at various stages of growth and change that I hope to somehow weave into the text of my writing. I am a Creative Writing major, with minors in French and Women?s Studies, and my intention after graduation is to go to seminary. This project seems to me a wonderful opportunity to draw together all the disciplines and areas of study that I have enjoyed during my undergraduate studies.