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Shalvi D'Arcangelo

Adviser: Dr. Rebecca Gerber

Advanced Piano Music for the Small Hand

 As a pianist with very small hands, I have been limited in my choice of repertoire and have sustained multiple hand injuries trying to perfect music on the collegiate level playing on a standard sized keyboard. My aim is to create a text, of advanced piano music for the small hand and address the use of non-standard sized keyboards. Most music that fits this category was written in the Baroque and Classical periods, including J. S. Bach, D. Scarlatti, and Mozart. However, my goal is to expand the choice by researching and discovering a wider range of advanced piano repertoire that fits this physical limitation. To this end, I am consulting with many piano practitioners with a series of questions regarding the repertory they use for pianists with small hands. One short-term goal is to present my findings at piano conferences. The long-term goal is to open doors, for pianists to reduce their risk of injury and promote the use of keyboards that fits one?s hand.