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Erin Nicole Harrington

Sapphic Century Cycle

(Dr. Deborah Conrad, Advisor)

As a theatre major I have experienced and observed first hand the power of theatre to be a voice for oppressed people who are otherwise silenced in society. As a lesbian in the north country I have experienced and observed first hand the oppression of being silenced in society myself. In my work as a playwright I strive to bring hope to others who feel this oppression, as well as enlighten those who perpetrate it.

To achieve my goal I am writing a cycle of plays (Sapphic Century cycle) concerning the experience of lesbians from 1920-2010 (one play per decade.) Through these plays I seek to show the progression of society?s attitude towards women who love other women as well as bring a personalization to the oppression faced by lesbians as both women and gay people. For my presidential scholars project I will be writing, readying for production and producing two of the plays from the cycle; ?Day of Silence? (1990?s) and ?Transfigured Night? (2000?s).