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Yingyu He

Presidential Scholars Adviser:vDr. Rebecca Gerberv

yingyu heBeginning piano method book for children with autism and AD/HD

The number of children diagnosed with autism or AD/HD increases annually, but there are still not enough resources and piano teaching materials for children with special needs in the field of piano pedagogy. Because of that, my project of designing a beginning piano method book for children between 6 to 12 years old diagnosed with autism or AD/HD will contribute to the field of piano pedagogy to benefit students, parents and teachers. As a future piano teacher, it is very likely I will encounter students with special needs; therefore I want to explore these needs and develop a method appropriate for their piano learning. Due to practical uses of this piano method, the main focus of my design will be on the teacher?s handbook and the parents? handbook while keeping the student?s lesson book simple and easy to follow.