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Danielle Mitton

Liszt Transcriptions for Wind and Orchestral Ensembles

(Dr. Rebecca Gerber, Advisor)

As a Flute Performance major I have the opportunity to play compositions from different composers and from all time periods. However there is one composer, Franz Liszt, that as a flautist I rarely get the chance to play. Liszt composed music primarily for solo piano. It is unfortunate that the only musicians who get to perform Liszt?s music are pianists, and I am going to change this.

For my project I will be transcribing Liszt?s works for ensembles that seldom or never have had the opportunity to play his compositions. These transcriptions will include music for large performance groups like wind band, flute choir, brass ensemble, and smaller chamber ensembles and instruments that were not around in Liszt?s time. There are a handful of instruments that weren?t even written for back then, but through my project I will be creating a new literature for musicians to play.