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Chelsea Richard

Adviser: Dr. Benjamin Pykles

Applicability of Ground Penetrating Radar (GPR) and Geographic Information Systems (GIS) for Documenting and Visualizing Historic Mormon Nauvoo, Illinois

richardIn the mid-1840s the Mormon city of Nauvoo, Illinois was one of the largest cities in the state. Today Nauvoo is a major historic site with significant and abundant archaeological resources. In the past, researchers have had to rely solely on property and tax records to determine the general location of these resources. Ground penetrating radar (GPR) presents an alternative to excavation for pinpointing their exact location, and has recently been used to locate buried foundations, features within them, and external features such as cisterns, at the historic site. This data has been combined with other geospatial information in a geographic information systems (GIS) database. Together, both GPR and GIS hold great promise for documenting and visualizing the nineteenth-century built environment of Nauvoo.