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Marcella Shrout

The Relationship Between Personality Traits and Partner Attraction

(Dr. Elvira Santatullova-Allison, Advisor)

shroutMedia and common lore often portray that people with opposite personalities tend to be attracted to each other. However, psychological research shows that people are attracted to others who have similar personality characteristics. This project will examine personality characteristics associated with partner choice. The extant theory of personality in psychology is the Big Five Factor Model of Costa & McCrae, which posits that people share five main personality traits (factors). These traits are Extraversion, Open to Experience, Agreeableness, Neuroticism, and Conscientiousness. Each individual varies from low to high on each trait. The research shows that these five personality factors are stable across different languages, cultures, and countries. For this project, I will conduct a series of three studies to investigate the relationship between the personality traits of self, current partner, and ideal partner.