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Krystal Stowe (2009)

The Perfect Woman: The Idealization of Women in Italian Art

An art education major with a love of art history, I designed a project to encompass both painting and history and their social implications. My project focuses on the creation of a time line, starting 30 B.C.E. and continuing on until present day. This time line will track the progression of the ideal woman in Italian painting, specifically body type, hair color and other physical attributes. A survey will also be taken to find out the SUNY Potsdam idea of the ideal woman today.

From that data I plan on creating said ideal in a life-size painting of my own and relate it back to the time line, finding similarities and differences with the ideal women of the past. My main goal is to demonstrate the insights that paintings give into the ideals of certain cultures and time periods, and to raise awareness of the differences in the ideal woman today, and the ideal woman of two thousand years ago.