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Olivia Tyler

Presidential Scholars Adviser : Dr. Deborah Conrad

Science Based Children's Literature

Science resources in the elementary classroom are both necessary and fundamental for learning. However, children's literature within the genre of science is in constant need. With numerous topics and concepts, science literature is an exciting way to engage and reinforce learning in this area. As my Presidential Scholars project, I am researching the reading interests of fourth grade students and applying that information to write my own work of Children's Literature. My book topic focuses on the water resources of Uganda, and the scientific importance of water in our world. For further resources and research, I will be traveling to Uganda for two weeks in May of 2011 with The Ugandan Water Project to gather information for my book. Many of my classes at SUNY Potsdam are further preparing my writing skills for publishing, including children's literature and writing fiction for children, both instructed by Dr. Stephanie DeGhett. Other exciting measures of my project encompass meeting and interviewing a credited author and illustrator Robert J. Blake, interning with a publisher, as well as sending my own work to become a published piece of science literature for children at the fourth grade level.