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Jessie Vallejo

Presidential Scholars - Jessie VallejoThe Role of the Violin in the Flamenco & Mariachi Traditions

The violin is an instrument that is often viewed as strictly a part of the western-European art music tradition, but it is in fact a member of other styles and traditions from around the world. Some music pedagogues have incorporated strings into jazz programs, but as a music education student who plans to study ethnomusicology in my graduate work, I am interested in studying the role of the violin and string instruments in world music. The research I conduct will mainly be done in Spain while I am studying abroad in the spring 2006 semester and in Leon, Mexico during the 2006 summer.

In November 2006, I will attend the Society for Ethnomusicology conference in Honolulu, Hawaii. At the end of this project, I will have gained first-hand experience with conducting ethnomusicological field research, made connections with people in the profession, and have explored possibilities of incorporating world music and alternative styles in the music curriculum. This project will also provide me with the opportunity to learn more about my Hispanic and Mexican heritage, which are not typically addressed in school curriculums in the United States, through my major instrument.