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Andrea Wendel

Dr. Benjamin Pykles: Presidential Scholars Adviser
Dr. Nasser Malit: Research Adviser

A Comparative Study of First Maxillary Molars in Modern Humans

The questions regarding the migration of recent humans are significant in evolutionary studies. One way to research relationships about human populations is by looking at dentition. Human dentition is under strong genetic control. From this, much scholarly research uses the first molar to provide data about human migratory patterns. This tooth is commonly used because it provides consistent information. The crowns of teeth will be measured to assess the area. The differences in the area measurement between the populations will suggest differences in migration patterns. My project will compare the molar area of various Native American populations from North and South America. I will compare samples located at SUNY Potsdam to those at the American Museum of Natural History. I am excited to work with the skeletal specimens at SUNY Potsdam and to further my knowledge of research in biological anthropology.