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Amanda Wohlberg

A Geo-archaeological Study of Ballast from the 16th-Century Emanuel Point No. 2 Shipwreck, Pensacola Bay, Florida

(Dr. Bethany Usher, Advisor)

My research project centers on the Emanuel Point No. II Shipwreck, a 16th-century wreck located in Pensacola Bay, Florida. Preliminary work for the study includes researching ballast types, previous ballast projects and the history of Florida under the guidance of Dr. Hadley Kruczek-Aaron. The second stage of the project will take place at the site, collecting ballast samples for research and attending the University of West Florida?s Maritime Archaeology Field School under the supervision of Mr. Greg Cook.

The ballast types will be identified under the guidance of Dr. Christopher R. Kelson. Dr. Kelson and I will utilize transmitted and reflected light microscopy, and the electron microprobe to identify each ballast type. Therefore, by using these methods to identify the origins of the ballast types it will make it possible for me to form a hypothetical route of the ship, before coming to Pensacola Bay, Florida.