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Video 1
Welcome to Potsdam
Welcome to Potsdam
Potsdam number 1
Welcome to Potsdam
Welcome to Potsdam (Swahili)
Welcome to Potsdam
Welcome to Potsdam
Welcome to Potsdam
Welcome to SUNY Potsdam

Video 2
Hey everyone I'm Matt a Biology Major in College, And I love SUNY Potsdam here's why; It's Cheap, lots of soft minerals (Calcium, magnesium, and Potassium, it's safe for me and the environment especially when filtered best of all it is extremely portable and convenient, in a reusable water bottle, so what's not to like, well apparently lots of people find that tap water isn't good enough for them but disposable water is, every where I go on campus people are carrying around bottled water in disposable containers and when I say disposable I mean it these bottles go right to the garbage can or in many cases on the ground all over campus rarely do they end up being recycled like they are suppose to be you don't believe well let go take a walk and see how many disposable water bottles we can find that 1,2,3 and that makes 4 just imagine if people continue to not recycle there water bottles ok so maybe I am over exaggerating a little but we really need to be a bit more cautious about throwing all these thing out so carelessly so every one lets take this issue for real and take back the tap

Video 3
Hey my name is Beverly and welcome to SUNY Potsdam. Follow me. Now we are going to go to the literary center come on. This is also a library and a lab so we have to be quite. Hey. Hi I?m Josh lets go to the painting studio. This is the sculpture studio, this is the painting studio and this is some of my work and this is my own space were I get to work it is very nice. Hi everybody I?m Philis welcome to SUNY Potsdam. Lets go to the library come with me. Here are the latest magazines. Hey I am Jona lets head over to the Crane School of music follow me. Yo bro what?s up, how you doing. Hey I?m Danielle welcome to SUNY Potsdam, lets head over to the student union follow us. Hi I?m heather let?s go check out the dinning court. Hey my name is Yasper welcome to SUNY Potsdam follow me to Maxcy Hall. This is the den home of the Potsdam Bears. Hi I?m John Welcome to SUNY Potsdam lets go check out the fitness center. Hi I?m Katie welcome to SUNY Potsdam I am hungry lets go get something to eat. Hi remember me Beverly right now I am finishing my wonderful meal at Lehman Dining Center and now we are going to go to my door room follow me. And this is Bowman East , were I reside and will be going to my room shortly. Come on. This is my palace. I am exhausted and I just want to relax, after I get out of classes I come to my room and just relax and sleep and than wake up and do some homework. That?s the key to being in college, get enough sleep enough food and energy and do your homework. So come on and visit us you can get an actual tour and hopefully I will see you on campus bye.

Video 4
Biology Major catching rare turtle at Goose Bay 2008

Video 5
Elijah Foulks Performance at Annual Talent Show 2008
Potsdam stand up, get up out of your seats, yeah, you know my name it?s a reflection, like no construction?? feed the pizza like?.most? a question a force to be reckoned with?no question the age?.time is?each hour?.time and money?let me operate? it occurred to me that I represent hip hop

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Video 1
Why Potsdam.
Nicole-As a perspective student looking at Potsdam State you are probably wondering what Potsdam has to offer. Well I have decided to go around campus and get the answer for you. So follow me.
I choose Potsdam because it is a small campus but there are a lot of other colleges around so you get the large campus feel.
Because the campus is perfect all the academics are in one area while the dorms are in another area.
It is far from any distractions, is an isolated area so that I can get my work done.
I was able to actually meet with some professors and I realized that this is a college where teachers actually care about there students.
I am a student at the Carne School of Music and I am a Music Education Major an it is known throughout the country for Music Education.
It is a really nice please to live, and when I got here I saw how friendly everyone was. As soon as I got into classes the professors made me feel really welcome and this is my last semester here and I am really glad that I choose Potsdam.

Video 2

Potsdam - The State University of New York. Experiential Education National Association of Music Merchants Show 2008.
Max School Class ?09 Music Business
Chris Brickley Class ?08 Music Performance
Max- traveling with my fellow students was exciting. You see them in Potsdam but it was great to be able to go somewhere else with them in an internship atmosphere. The experience was something total different on the west coast. The accommodations were pretty nice, suite style hotel rooms.
Hand on Experience- Before the show the convention center was a complete mess, fork lifts were everywhere, cherry picks were doing lighting, and sound set ups. Chris- There were tons of boxes and creates, pallets, we had to set up displaces and meet with the people we would be working with. I felt that Kicky Britt did a lot of justice explaining the show before we came out to the west coast. She always spoke about how the NAMM show was big and she was right. It blows your mind the first time you walk in to see the amount of people and work that was put into the setup.
Exploring Los Angeles- Checking out the whole west coast was cool. We got a taste of what happens out there even though we went to the business district, which is small. The beach area is where we saw a sunset.
Making Connections- The day before the show the event center was a mess. Then the next day we come in and everything is done, the lighting, the sound, the booths set up with everything where it needs to be. The show wasn?t open to the public there were a ton of music and business people there. We did a lot of booth maintenance putting literature out and crowed control when needed. We met a ton of celebrities working at Court Marshal they would have signings. My favorite part of the whole thing was that everything was it needed to be (Chris). Interesting to see how close these people are. Even competition business was talking with each other.
Reaching your Goals- NAMM show is big. We had the chance to network with these people. Networking is the biggest thing in this job after you get your degree. You have to make the most of it if you are smart. We were able to get the feel for the production industry.

Video 3
BSA Fashion Show
Music Are you ready. Showing people in the hall and on the platform. This is your boy sisi and your boy carrot top and your boy dance machine. We are going to take you all into the changing room to see what is going on. You see that gear down there that is a little something for the fans out there. They call me the young rafier with the chains popping. Than you have my man Craig who makes his own shirts, than you have guss the pretty boy. You all have a good night and enjoy the show. Hollar. Hi I?m Beverly, I?m the vice president of BSA and I am a model we are pretty much just modeling and having a good time. This is our president; you caught that on camera right. We are going to have a good time. We are going to stroll down our little stage and make it work. Thank you for coming.

Video 4

Sailor Boy and Falcon Singing I
Singing about manners.

Video 5

Sailor Boy and Falcon Singing II
Time lapse of rehearsal, production and the performance really fast.

Video 6
Sailorboy Set Construction III
Show the construction of the set in time lapse photography.