Freshmen Scholars Program Online Application


Please respond to all questions. We suggest that you prepare your long answers in a word processing file, and paste your information into this application, as you will not be able to save your work and come back to it.


Scholarship Recommendation Letter

Please arrange for a teacher, guidance counselor or administrator to provide a written recommendation in support of your application. The letter may be sent by mail or fax by the recommender or your guidance office, or from the recommender’s school e-mail address. One recommendation letter is required for the SUNY Potsdam Freshman Scholarship application. We will use the recommendation letter(s) from your Admissions application, if we don't receive a separate scholarship recommendation letter.  Download a recommendation form now.

Scholarship Application



The application deadline for this scholarship is February 15th.

Please list any community service activities in which you have participated. Please include the dates you served.

Please list extracurricular involvement, clubs, etc. and any leadership roles you have held. Include dates of involvement and positions held.

Please list your most recent employment experience, including dates.

Tell us about yourself, your reasons for applying to SUNY Potsdam, and your reasons for seeking a college education or any other topic of importance to you. Word limit: at least 250-500 words.