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Amanda Jones

Amanda Jones

Hometown: Bloomingdale, NY

Class Year: Senior

Major: Secondary Education, English/Literature/Writing

Activities: Intramural softball, intramural soccer, modern dance recital, avid Potsdam Bear supporter for any game or type of sport

Where do you live at school? Lehman South

Why did you choose Potsdam? It is close enough to home but just far enough away at the same time, the campus is beautiful and feels like a second home, everyone is friendly (staff, students); there are so many opportunities

What is your favorite location on campus and why? Lehman quad because there are so many people to interact with and it is set up so beautifully; in front of Minerva?s statue because so many people walk by and it is always well kept

What are your career goals? To become a secondary english teacher and a figure skating coach

What is your favorite Potsdam tradition? Bear pride week

What has SUNY Potsdam given you the opportunity to do that you have never tried before? Experience diversity, live by my own schedule

Who is your favorite professor? Dr. Youngblood, Karen Wilson

What is your favorite restaurant in town? The Cactus Grill