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Lorin Smith

Lorin Smith

Hometown: Philadelphia, NY

Class Year: Senior

Major: Criminal Justice

Activities: Bear Patrol President, Army ROTC

Where do you live at school?
Knowles Hall

Why did you choose Potsdam?
Pretty and nice town, close to home, had my major.

What is your favorite location on campus and why?
Anywhere under all the campus trees & Lehman Park

What are your career goals?
To do my four years in the Army in military intelligence and eventually be an FBI profiler

What is your favorite SUNY Potsdam tradition?
All the welcome weekend activities

What has SUNY Potsdam given you the opportunity to try that you have never done before?
Going to a hypnotist (a show at Dunn)

Who is your favorite professor?
Dr. Nancy Lewis

What is your favorite restaurant in town?
Mama Lucia?s (chicken and broccoli alfredo)

What is your favorite activity on campus?
Going to all the different music, dance, comedy and musician shows