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Alumni of Note

You will find prominent SUNY Potsdam alumni making their mark in a variety of fields including music, education, journalism, arts, media, business and more. Below are just a few:

Stephanie Blythe ?92

World Renowned Award-Winning Mezzo-Soprano

Boyle, TC Boyle ?68

Award-Winning Novelist

Ed Burghard ?76

Harley Procter Marketing Director

Fleming, Renee Fleming ?81

World Renowned Award-Winning Soprano

Kathleen Friery ?84

Emmy Award-Winning CNN Producer, Anderson Cooper 360

Linda Gibbs ?82

NYC Deputy Mayor for Health and Human Services

Chuck Lorre ?74

Creator/Producer, "Two and a Half Men", ?Big Bang Theory" and ?Mike & Molly?

Dimitri Pittas ?99

Renowned Tenor

Stephan Savoia ?75

Pulitzer Prize-Winning Photo Journalist

Vroman, Lisa ?79

Award-Winning Soprano