Regional Alumni Chapters

The success of an Alumni Chapter is directly related to the commitment and involvement of volunteers in the region. 

Committee volunteers provide an invaluable resource by serving as the link from the regional population of alumni to the College.  The goal of an Alumni Chapter is to promote the best interest of SUNY Potsdam and its alumni. Review the list below to see contact information for Alumni Chapter Volunteers by region:


Albany Chapter Volunteers
Debbie (Diefendorf) Hind ’75, 
Leah Everhart '00,
Amy Kellogg ’99,
Cathy O’Connor ’77,
Liz (O’Connor ) Utzig ’77,
Tammy Weinman '92,
Eldon Harris '05,

Boston Chapter Volunteers
Vanessa Mulvey ’90,
Jeff Himmelberger ’87,

Rochester Chapter Volunteers
Wes Bradley ’70,
Sarah (Farrell) Partner ’78,
Jeff Washburn ’79,